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Suing Someone In Small Claims

Filing Your Small Claims Case

Learn the six basic steps to file a small claims case, including how to identify the correct defendant, how to determine the exact amount of your claim, how to send a demand letter, how to decide where to file, and how to prepare and file your complaint with the court.

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Serving Your Small Claims Complaint

Learn the requirements for “serving” (delivering) your small claims complaint to the party you are suing, including tips on how to serve individuals, how to serve businesses, and what to do if you are unable to serve your complaint.

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Responding To A Small Claims Counterclaim

Learn what you can do if the person you are suing turns around and sues you, including how to file a response to a Small Claims Counterclaim.

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Obtaining A Small Claims Default Judgment

Find out what happens if the person you are suing fails to show up at the small claims hearing or fails to defend himself in your case, including how to ask the court for a money judgment against them.

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Setting Aside A Small Claims Dismissal

Learn what you can do if your small claims case has been dismissed, including how to ask the court to “set aside” (cancel or revoke) the dismissal.

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