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Nevada Regulations


"Nevada regulations" refers to rules and administrative codes issued by governmental agencies of the State of Nevada.  Although they are not laws, regulations have the force of law since they are adopted under authority granted by the Nevada Legislature.  A regulation might, for example, interpret a particular law passed by the Nevada Legislature or create the appropriate mechanisms to implement that law and make it work.  Regulations are not included in the same books as the Nevada statutes and are typically not widely distributed.

Here are links to some of the Nevada regulations:

CAUTION!  The Civil Law Self-Help Center does not maintain the regulations available via the links below.  Periodically, regulations are "amended" (changed) by the agency that issued them.  Those amendments may not be incorporated immediately into the regulations linked to here.  Most regulations are followed by a parenthetical notation that gives some information about the regulation's history and any amendments.  Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to tell whether the regulation you're looking at is current.  You can research amendments on the Nevada Legislature website or at your local law library (see the links below).

Nevada Administrative Code (Index)
Nevada Administrative Code (Search)
Nevada Administrative Code (Table of Contents)

You might also find information relating to Nevada regulations on the website for the state agency that propounded the particular regulations you're researching, or at your local law library or on its website.  Click to visit Law Libraries.