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Local Statutes And Codes


Local governments – governments for cities and counties, for example – may pass their own laws (sometimes referred to as "codes" or "ordinances") to govern conduct within their boundaries.  Typically, local codes relate to such things as health and safety, business licensing, building and construction, and the like.  Local codes may be available on that particular city's or county's website.  They are also likely available at your local law library.

Some legal issues may be governed not only by a state statute that applies to the entire State of Nevada, but also by a local code or ordinance that applies in a particular city or county.  For example, a company that intends to do business in Clark County, may need to comply with licensing laws at the state level, the county level, and the city level, depending on where the company is operating.

Here are links to some local statutes and codes:

CAUTION!  The Civil Law Self-Help Center does not maintain the statutes available via the links below.  Periodically, statutes are "amended" (changed).  Those amendments may not be incorporated immediately into the statutes linked to here.  Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether the statute you're looking at is current.  You can research amendments at your local law library (see the links below) or by contacting the governmental entity that propounded the statutes.

Boulder City, Nevada City Code
City of Las Vegas Municipal Code
Clark County Code
Henderson Municipal Code
Mesquite, Nevada City Code
North Las Vegas Municipal Code

For a listing of additional Nevada County and City Codes, click here.

You might also find information relating to Nevada local statutes and codes at your local law library or on its website.  Click to visit Law Libraries.