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Nevada Supreme Court


The Nevada Supreme Court is the highest court in the Nevada judicial system.

The Nevada Supreme Court has jurisdiction over appeals from all district courts in Nevada.  The supreme court determines if legal errors were committed in the district court that require reversal or if evidence was sufficient to support the district court judgment or order.  The court may affirm, modify, or reverse the district court judgment or order that was appealed.

In many cases, the Nevada Supreme Court corrects error or affirms the law by issuing written "opinions" giving its reasons for the decisions.  These opinions, which interpret the law and define statutes, are a major source for the laws that govern Nevada.  The opinions of the supreme court are published annually as the Nevada Reports, which can be found in most local law libraries.

Supreme Court of Nevada
201 South Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada  89701
(775) 684-1600
For a map of the court's location, click here

You can find information about the Nevada Supreme Court, including its hours of operation, filing requirements, fees, and the like, by visiting the Nevada Supreme Court website.

Nevada also has a Court of Appeals. The Nevada Supreme Court assigns cases to be heard by the three judges on the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals hears approximately one-third of cases appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court.

You can find information about the Nevada Court of Appeals by also visiting the Court of Appeals page on the Nevada Supreme Court website.

For more resources, including the supreme court law library and forms library, click to visit the Nevada Judiciary website and the supreme court's Appellate Practice Forms page

Court procedure in the Nevada Supreme Court is governed by the Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure.