Tenants filing Answers/Affidavits for eviction notices in Las Vegas can file online from www.lacsn.org/efile by choosing ''SUMMARY EVICTION: Tenant's Answer.'' For eviction prevention tips, click here. For a list of current rental assistance programs, click here.


Court Basics

How Courts Work

Learn about the different courts in Nevada, how civil cases move through the courts, and who you might meet at the courthouse.

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Types Of Cases

Learn about civil cases – the standard of proof the court uses, common types of civil cases filed, and the stages of a civil case.

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Services At Your Court

Learn about services that may be available at the court, including court clerks, self-help centers, mediation services, ask-a-lawyer programs, and court interpreters.

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Basics Of Court Forms And Filings

Learn how to find and fill out legal forms, how to create your own legal documents, and how to file documents with the court.

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Filing Fees And Waivers

Learn about the fees the court charges and how those fees might be waived for people who cannot afford them.

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