Tenants filing Answers/Affidavits for eviction notices in Las Vegas can file online from www.lacsn.org/efile by choosing ''SUMMARY EVICTION: Tenant's Answer.'' For details on the new eligibility guidelines for rental assistance now in effect, click here.


Overview of Removal Process

Intro to the Removal Process

The term "squatter" is the informal term for someone who is living on a property without authority. The formal name for "squatters" is unlawful or unauthorized occupant. You might think of an unlawful or unauthorized occupant as someone who has broken and entered into a property without permission, but there are many circumstances where a person might be considered an unlawful or unauthorized occupant.

CAUTION!!! This removal or "squatter" law does not apply if there has ever been a landlord-tenant relationship between the parties. 

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