Tenants filing Answers/Affidavits for eviction notices in Las Vegas can file online from www.lacsn.org/efile by choosing ''SUMMARY EVICTION: Tenant's Answer.'' For eviction prevention tips, click here. For a list of current rental assistance programs, click here.



Because bankruptcy matters are handled exclusively by the federal courts, the Civil Law Self-Help Center DOES NOT provide information or forms relating to bankruptcy cases.

But there are bankruptcy resources available in your community, some of which are listed below:

TIP!  If you have been sued for money in the district court or one of the justice courts, and you have also filed a bankruptcy case, you may need to file a "Notice of Bankruptcy Action" form with the court to let the court and the other parties to your civil case know about your bankruptcy.  Talk to your bankruptcy attorney about what action you might need to take in your civil case.  Click to visit our Forms section.

Legal Aid Center Of Southern Nevada

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy and need more information or free representation, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada has resources to help you, including a free bankruptcy class!  Click to visit the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada website to learn more about bankruptcy and the services offered to help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you.