The COVID-19 crisis has brought on several changes to eviction procedures and landlord-tenant law in Nevada. Tenants filing Answers/Affidavits in Las Vegas can file online from by choosing ''SUMMARY EVICTION: Tenant's Answer.'' For more up-to-date information on the Eviction Mediation Program, click here.


Pre-Trial Stage: Filing And Opposing Motions

Learn about the pre-trial stage when the parties try to focus the issues in the case and get rid of claims and defenses that don’t need to go to trial. In this stage, both parties file “motions,” written requests that ask the judge to take some action based on a party’s legal argument. Motions are powerful tools. The judge’s decision on a motion might win (or lose) the case for you. So if you’ve received a motion, take it seriously.

Filing Motions To Resolve The Case Or Narrow Issues

Learn how to file a “motion” (a written request for some type of relief) to get your case – or part of your case - in front of the judge for a decision. You can use motions to try to resolve the case completely. Or you can use them to resolve some specific issue before trial.

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Opposing A Motion Filed Against You

Learn how to prepare and file a written “opposition” to a motion that the other side has filed against you. Keep in mind that if you don’t file a written opposition, the other side might win automatically!

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