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Information For Tenants

Learn what steps to take to challenge an eviction notice you received from your landlord - along with the consequences of ignoring an eviction notice! - and find out what you can do if an eviction order is actually issued by the court.

Responding To An Eviction Notice

Discover the five basic steps to take to contest an eviction notice from your landlord.  Learn about the type of eviction notice you received; the time you have to take action; and the options available to you, including opposing the notice through the court.

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Responding To A Court Order For Eviction

Find out how you might be able to respond to an eviction order from the court, including how to ask the court for additional time to move, how to ask the court to set aside the eviction order if you believe it was granted improperly, and how to appeal the eviction if you disagree with the court's decision.

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